What is the Commonly Used Terminology in Matka?

Matka is a traditional form of lottery or betting whole popularity is not affected by online lottery games. Many websites and mobile apps these days enable players to play Satta Matka over the internet just like online lottery games. But you must remember that Matka differs from online lottery games primarily in the categories of format and rules. You must understand the meaning of terminologies associated with this number-based lottery game to play Matka accurately and logically.

How Can We Win Matka?

Matka: Matka is a Hindi term that means a pitcher made from mud. This number-based lottery game is called Matka because earthen pots were commonly using in the initial years to pick the winning number.

Single: While playing Matka, a player has the option to choose from single-digit numbers from the range of 0 to 99. The single-digit numbers are popularly regarded as single in the world of Satta Matka.

What is Matka Game?

Jodi: While plating Matka games, players have the option to place bets by choosing from two-digit numbers ranging from 00 to 99. The two-digit numbers are commonly referred to by players and agents as jodi or pair.

Patti: There are limited three-digit numbers that are used in the Matka game along with single-digit and double-digit numbers. The players and agents refer to these three-digit numbers as patti or panna.

What are the Popular Types of Satta Matka Game?

Open and Close Results: Before 1961, players were playing the Matka game by placing bets on the opening and closing rates of cotton in the New York Stock Exchange. The modern version of the number-based lottery divide outcome into two parts – the first part is called open results and the second part is called close results.

Farak: The Matka results are published in two parts – open and close. The difference between open and close results is expressed in the form of a farak.

Patti: The betting options in the Matka game are often expressed in various types of patti – single, double, triple, and cycle. A single patti contains a single 1, a double patti contains two 1s, and a triple patti contains three 1s. At the same time, the cycle patti depicts the last two digits of a patti.

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