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Posted on June 29th, 2023

Plan Tic Day/Night Matka is a number-based lottery game that is hugely popular among new age players. Thousands of players participate in the lottery game with the intention to make a windfall by guessing the correct number.

The game is played by choosing three numbers from 0 to 9. The numbers are drawn at random and the player who guesses the correct numbers wins the prize. The prize money is typically very high, which is why the game is so popular.

There are two versions of Plan Tic Matka: Plan Tic Day and Plan Tic Night. Plan Tic Day is played during the day, while Plan Tic Night is played at night. The rules of the game are the same for both versions.

To play Plan Tic Matka, you can either go to a physical matka stall or play online. If you go to a physical stall, you will need to fill out a betting slip with your chosen numbers. If you play online, you can simply enter your chosen numbers into the betting system.

The results of Plan Tic Matka are announced shortly after the numbers are drawn. You can find the results online or at a physical matka stall.

If you are thinking about playing Plan Tic Matka, it is important to remember that the game is addictive and can be very risky. You should only play if you are prepared to lose money.

Here are some tips for playing Plan Tic Matka:

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